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“I was referred to you by our IT guy. I am very happy was able to recover all of our data and with the outcome of our case. This catastrophe with our hard-drive crashing and losing our data turn into a positive experience. I have your information on my contact list. I will refer my contacts to you if they have problems with data recovery.”


“Very quick and efficient.”


“I am very happy with the data that was able to be recovered. Justin did a great job. I did not lose anything valuable and true to their word, I only paid for the material that was able to be recovered (about 90%). Thank you very much!”


“I was in the process of backing up important data on my drive when the heads failed. was able to recover 100% of the data. Well worth the price. Thank you so much.”


“From start to finish set the standard for professionalism.”


“All of my data recovered by this company. And I am satisfied. Thank you very much.”


“ is my GO TO local company for data recovery (also for non-local — just send in the drive!). They have now saved my a** and recovered critical date for me 2 times, and have led me into a pattern of manual backup of all on my C: drive every two weeks, needed or not, just in case. Every hard drive will fail — you just don’t know when, so if you are lax like I was and not backing up every two weeks or so, you need a savior, and that’s what you will find with Data Recovery. My case was particularly challenging for them, as the drive heads they ordered for the recovery process failed four or five times before a set finally worked. Others may have given up and said “Too bad — didn’t work.” But they persevered and finally got a good working set of disk heads and recovered all my files. I am now a customer for life, though I don’t want to have to use them again — for obvious reasons — but if you have a hard disk failure, try Data Recovery, as they really work hard for you. Love you guys/gals!!!”


“While I had hoped that the price would have been lower, I was extremely pleased on how well and professionally my issue was handled – both process and outcome.”


“very professional, extremally fast, and very responsive to questions or concerns I would not hesitate to use them again”


“The team at was able to get all my photos back from a damaged external hard drive very quickly. The process was quick and the rep kept me updated throughout the way. Highly recommend! Thank you!”


“Excellent work! All of the data seems to be functional. Thank you for the expedient service!”


“Super friendly and very fast service. Extremely reasonably priced for their services.”


“Not cheap, but worth every penny! 🙂 SUPER convenient and GREAT communication! We appreciate your excellent service, but selfishly hope we never need your help again. Thanks again for everything! The Jones Family”


“Fast and easy to use”


“Very much appreciate the service provided me. Very unnerving to have an issue with computer drive. You were able to recover all the information on my hard drive. Thank you, Eric K Jakel”


I had an external drive that was considered toast by 2 other companies. was able to recovered 100% of my data. They were extremely professional and kept me informed with a very detailed step by step log. I also felt like the cost to recover my priceless data was very reasonable.

- Stacy Henson

To say that I am a satisfied customer would be an understatement. I am deeply grateful to the great service, treatment and urgency you gave our case. You truly made our problems your own, and did close to the impossible to resolve these. In my 30+ years operating Campos Borquez, I have seldom encountered as good a service provider as yourselves.

- Pablo Borquez Campos Borquez

Dear friends, I want to express my gratitude to you for such a professional job recovering the severe damage experienced by my hard drive. I have posted your contact information to the Principia College community, encouraging folks to contact you if they find themselves in that situation. Prior to identifying you, I had contacted several other recovery labs in the St Louis area. None were able to do the job. Your work was both timely and complete, but equally important it was done with such kindness and empathy when I was feeling so awful! Thank you again! Warmly, Karen

- Karen Eckert, Ph.D., Professor and Director Principia College Center for Sustainability

All in all the experience of this client is that is not only the gold standard in the delivery of the restoration of peace of mind and order, they are best described by the Japanese benchmark term “Dantotsu”, the “very best of the best” being the closest English equivalent.

- Miles Conway, Ph.D., Managing Director Forecasting Consultants Inc.

Right from the pre-sales stage one gets a comfort level with that this is a firm that views their relationship with the client as a partner, not just a paycheck, in restoring one’s peace of mind. Their case numbers are not one of a data recovery sale but of a joint venture in restoring order and peace of mind.

- Miles Conway, Ph.D., Managing Director Forecasting Consultants Inc.

I would like to thank the many clients who recommended to place one’s trust in and in turn the undersigned is now “paying it forward” to future clients who may fall into a similar data loss deep hole.

- Miles Conway, Ph.D., Managing Director Forecasting Consultants Inc.

Very impressed. You guys recovered a complete drive for my customer, and it wasn’t anywhere near what I thought it would be. I’ll be sure to recommend you if I am asked. Data Doctors wanted money to bring the drive you for them. Lol. Thank you. You guys have my business if I should need you.

- Bob Butler Bobs Computer Services

It’s been a year since you resurrected our failed hard drive that contained priceless videos of our school activities and without your help we would have lost these precious student performances, speeches and projects… Thank you for being there for us!

- Dwight Oyer, Auditorium Manager Principia School

I feel blessed that I connected with the best.

- Gilbert Benamou

We cannot thank you enough for your masterful skill in rescuing our data and then sending it back to us in record speed.

- Wendy Aibel-weiss, Director of Exhibits and Education 9/11 Tribute Center