VMware Data Recovery

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vmwareVirtualization opens up incredible opportunities for businesses of all sizes.  If you use VMware software, you’re already aware of the power, flexibility, and scalability offered the company’s architectures.

However, VMware data loss requires an immediate response from qualified experts. Successful VMware ESX Server or VMware Infrastructure data recovery isn’t possible without a detailed understanding of the VMFS structures, along with access to the SAN and/or RAID storage devices upon which this file system resides. Oftentimes, data loss situations involve the entire file system, causing the disruption of dozens of servers. This makes VMware data recovery a top priority for businesses, and Datarecovery.com provides the best set of options for restoring damaged virtual systems while limiting downtime.


Datarecovery.com gives you a way to restore VMware systems quickly without taking on substantial security risks. We offer the fastest turnaround times and highest success rates available, with onsite and remote data recovery options to resolve data loss as quickly as is possible.

Features of our VMware data recovery services include:

  • Comprehensive File System Solutions
    Your provider should have optimized options for your file system.  Datarecovery.com provides complete VMware data recovery solutions for:
    1. VMFS 1.x flat file system
    2. VMFS 2.x
    3. VMFS 3.x
    4. VMFS 4.x. (vSphere)
    5. VMFS 5.x
    When possible, we will attempt to repair the file system entirely. If this is not possible, we will copy all of the folders (including VMDK and configuration files) to a separate medium, such as a local NTFS, EXT3, EXT4, or XFS-formatted device. This allows for fast re-integration and expedient disaster recovery.
  • Remote Recovery OptionsRAID rackmount system
    If your SAN or RAID has incurred file system damage, Datarecovery.com’s remote virtualization recovery options are a superior option. Our engineers will remotely connect to a computer that has block-level access to the SAN. Through this machine, the engineer can evaluate your system and repair the VMFS volume, allowing the volume or VHD to be instantly mounted. This service option may not be available if your system has sustained extensive physical damage. Speak with our VMware experts to determine whether your system is a candidate for this service option.
  • ISO5 Cleanroom Technology
    Through multiple offices with full-service laboratories, we offer the fastest physical VMware data recovery options available anywhere. Our experts can repair damaged media and hardware, returning data to a fully functional state, then clone each drive in your SAN or RAID before repairing the VMFS volume. In addition to ISO5 Cleanrooms, Datarecovery.com maintains state-of-the-art facilities with advanced microcode repair tools, dedicated VMware stations and the industry’s most qualified engineering teams.
  • An Excellent Track Record
    Trust your VMware system to the world’s leading virtualization experts. Datarecovery.com’s staff has successfully performed repairs in hundreds of real and simulated scenarios, and our focus on research translates to real results. Read a letter from one of our recent virtualization cases below.

“The response from Datarecovery.com to our crisis was immediate and impressive. After suffering a “re-initialization” of our SAN, containing all of the servers for our virtual network environment, our outlook was bleak. Ben, Eric and Michael performed brilliantly. Communication was clear, and they worked extremely well under high pressure. They were able to recover not just all of our data, but the virtual machines themselves! To say that we are impressed by your team would be a gross understatement. Datarecovery.com may not seem like cheapest option, but they certainly are the best – worth every penny! Thank you, thank you, a million times over…THANK YOU.”

-United States Coast Guard

You need a fast response, and Datarecovery.com is ready to restore your VMware system while minimizing your downtime.  To speak with a VMware data recovery expert, call 1.800.237.4200 today. References are available upon request.