Tape Duplication Services

In order to ensure redundancy for mission-critical data, you need to create regular backups of data tape cartridges. Digital tape can break down when exposed to sunlight and oxygen, and even when you take appropriate precautions by storing your cartridges in a climate-controlled room, occasional duplication is an important part of your disaster recovery strategy.

Datarecovery.com offers professional tape duplication services for LTO, DLT, DDS, and hundreds of other formats. With well-maintained hardware and a team of attentive tape specialists, we give your business a way to limit costs while obtaining a secure copy of any number of tape cartridges, cassettes, or open reels.

Features of our tape duplication services:

  • Security and Reliability – We protect your information throughout our tape duplication process by following Department of Defense (DOD) guidelines. Our engineers never directly access your data, and each return media tape is an exact duplicate of its original media. We can also maintain compliance with industry-specific security regulations and standards.
  • Options for Tape Data Recovery, Conversion and Restoration – Datarecovery.com’s engineers can help your business find an appropriate option for virtually any scenario. Whether you need to convert to a new format or duplicate a series of tapes while recovering damaged media, we offer excellent solutions through multiple laboratories in the United States and Canada.
  • Complete Support for All Formats – Our hardware allows for fast duplication, regardless of format or compression ratio. Supported tapes include Digital Linear Tape, IBM, LTO Ultrium, SLR, VXA, SAIT, Data8, and much more.
  • Accurate Turnaround Estimates – We offer several priority levels, and our teams can work within set timeframes to provide duplicated tape media on your schedule. Our accurate estimates provide the information you need for effective planning.
  • Safe Tape Duplication in a Controlled Environment – Throughout our process, we protect your data tape cartridges with responsible storage and handling procedures.

Because we support hundreds of modern cartridges and legacy tape formats, we can provide fast custom quotes for projects of all sizes. Call us today at 1.800.237.4200 to discuss tape duplication with one of our engineers or for more detailed information.