Tape Duplication: DLT Tapes

Duplicate DLT Media Quickly, Safely and Effectively with Datarecovery.com

One of the most popular tape cartridge formats ever introduced, Digital Linear Tape (DLT) is still widely used in a variety of industries. Your business needs to protect important archives and cartridges from storage-related hazards, and a professional tape duplication service can make the process much easier.

Datarecovery.com offers secure, high-speed duplication services for all DLT formats. Using our proprietary methods, we create exact bit-for-bit copies of your original media, taking care to protect tape from dust by performing all procedures in a clean, humidity-controlled environment.

If any of your tapes are damaged, we can also perform DLT data recovery while duplicating your set. We offer 24/7 services for larger projects, and our technology allows our teams to duplicate 2.1 petabytes of DLT data per day.  All of our procedures are safe and confidential; we use Department of Defense and SAS 70 standards in each of our facilities to provide robust IT security for our clients.

Datarecovery.com offers recovery and duplication services for all DLT media regardless of tape drive brand, tape compression ratio, or backup platform (common platforms include ARCserve, 3COM, DOS Archive, Windows, and Sun Solaris).  Our service options let you control costs while ensuring a fast turnaround for any backup tape project.

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