Data Tape Recovery Services

Data Tape Recovery for All Formats.

Your business uses digital data tape backups to protect key systems, but while most tape formats offer excellent long-term reliability, they aren’t perfect. If a tape backup fails, you need a data recovery company with the up-to-date technology and substantial experience to treat your case effectively. offers tape recovery services for hundreds of modern and legacy cartridges including AIT, DDS, DAT, LTO, DLT/SDLT, AIT/S-AIT, and all IBM formats. Whether your tape sustains damage from improper storage conditions, hardware malfunctions, accidental overwrites, or any other source, we can often restore your data within several days.

Features of tape data recovery services from

  • Dependable Data Security Practices – adheres to the information security regulations of the Department of Defense (DOD). Both your media and your data will remain completely secure at all times.
  • Better Technology for Better Results – With a class 5 clean room and state-of-the-art hardware, offers high success rates for all tape formats.
  • Tape Specialists with Decades of Experience – We understand the challenges of working with delicate tape media, and every case receives attention from dedicated tape specialists.
  • Expedited Service Options – Priority and emergency services give you the flexibility you need to restore crucial systems after any disaster. Our emergency services are always available – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • No Data, No Charge Policy – pioneered the concept of the “no data, no charge” policy, and since our inception, we’ve offered the industry’s best guarantee. If our engineers cannot recover your tape, you do not pay a fee for our recovery service. Contact our customer service team for more information.

Data tapes can become unreadable for dozens of reasons, and in order to create a plan for your recovery, we perform an in-lab evaluation. We provide a price quote before performing tape data recovery, and as soon as we receive your approval, your case moves into our queue. provides fast turnaround times for every tape format, and we can return recovered files on hard drives, tape cartridges, or any other type of device.

Because some tapes can take on additional damage following a failure, you should seek professional assistance as soon as you see signs of data loss. gives you the options you need for fast results, and we’re ready to start work on your case.

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