Tape Backup Restore Services

Restore tape backups quickly and easily.

When you need to access information on a group of tape cartridges, Datarecovery.com can limit the strain on your organization’s resources. Our specialists will securely transfer your backups to hard drives, effectively converting your tape cartridges to a readable (and searchable) format.

Because we use Department of Defense (DOD) information security standards, your files remain confidential through the entire process. We can perform full restorations on any number of tapes within your set time frame, and our engineers utilize well-maintained hardware that delivers the best possible copy of your data.

Other features of our tape backup restore services:

  • Options for Every Data Tape Format – Tape backup restoration is available for LTO, DDS, IBM, DLT/SDLT, DAT, SLR, AIT, VXA, and dozens of other formats. We can provide services regardless of tape size, file system, or compression ratio.
  • Custom Service Levels – Priority and emergency service options are available to keep your organization at peak productivity.
  • Anytime Updates™ – Our online status lookup system provides real-time case monitoring. You get instant access to key information, which allows for accurate planning.
  • Tape Data Recovery, Conversion, and Duplication Options – If you need to recover data from damaged tapes while restoring your backups, our engineering team can provide fast results. We also offer conversion and duplication, and we’ll work with you to create a plan that works for your business.

Our simple case process gives you efficient access to your backups. When you set up a case, our tape restoration engineers will provide you with a firm quote. We provide detailed shipping instructions; alternatively, you can drop your tape cartridges off at one of our laboratories. Pickup services are also available in some locations.

We immediately process your tapes and begin restoration work, transferring the full contents of each digital tape cartridge to hard drives (or the return media of your choice). Our specialists check for errors to ensure that your data is completely readable. We do not store data on Internet-connected computers, and by carefully controlling access to your media, we keep the restored backups completely secure at all times.

To get a quote, call Datarecovery.com today at 1.800.237.4200.