Data Tape Services

Does your business depend on backup tape cartridges?

Whether you use data tapes to create regular archives or as a fail-safe for your everyday backup, you depend on their consistent operation.

Unfortunately, every digital format requires occasional maintenance and recovery, and a qualified service provider can substantially cut the costs associated with a large tape library. provides a complete resource for tape recovery, conversion, duplication, and restoration. All of our tape services can be customized as needed with priority and emergency options for fast turnarounds, and our laboratories are fully outfitted to ensure professional results.

We use verified security practices, ensuring that your tape cartridges remain protected at all times, and our trained tape specialists can help you find ways to reduce your costs when handling tape projects of any size. offers tape services for all formats including:

  • Linear Tape Open (LTO) Ultrium
  • Digital Linear Tape (DLT and SDLT)
  • IBM Cartridges and Reels (3590 etc.)
  • Quarter-Inch Cartridge (QIC)
  • AIT and S-AIT
  • Data8
  • Digital Data Storage (DDS), Digital Audio Tape (DAT) and More

We also support dozens of other cartridge, cassette, and open reel formats. For a full list of supported tape media, contact our customer service team.

Finding the Right Tape Services for Your Business

At, we know that different organizations have different requirements. Whether you need fast access to data on a single data cassette or a secure partner for a long-term conversion project, we’re ready to provide solutions. You can select from several services to create an optimized plan for your business.

Services include:

Tape Restoration Efficiently restore data from your tapes to a hard drive or any other device with read/write capabilities.

Tape Duplication – Create exact duplicates of any number of tapes. also offers conversion services to move your archives to a new format.

Tape Data Recovery – Recover backup files from any inaccessible tape. We can recover cartridges that have sustained magnetic, physical, or logical damage, and our fastest turnaround option returns a working copy of your files within several days.

As leading data cartridge specialists, we maintain multiple working tape drives for every popular format. You’ll benefit from fast turnaround times, especially for large tape conversion and duplication projects.

Our laboratories also feature clean rooms and clean-flow benches that meet or exceed Class 5  standards, and engineers can safely treat damaged data tapes without risking media damage. We adhere to Department of Defense (DOD) standards for information security when treating every case.

To get a quote or for more information, call today at 1.800.237.4200.