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Charles Eric Hyder

December 8, 2010

Charles Eric Hyder testimonial

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Charles Eric Hyder

March 29, 2017

ESS Data Recovery

110 North Research Drive

Edwardsville, IL 62025

Dear Sir:

I am writing this letter to express appreciation in the professional service performed on my failed harddrive.

My laptop harddrive failed in 2006 and at the time I sent it to Ontrack data recovery. Ontrack opened the drive and sent me a report on what could be recovered. Unfortunately, the report they sent did not include important files that I needed. Instead of having the recovery performed at that time, I decided to have the drive returned to me and retain until I could find a provider that could perform the proper recovery.

I stored the drive for over 4 years before I decided to recover the data. I did some research and after talking to some other recovery specialists, I decided that ESS seemed the most capable.

I received an immediate response to my e-mail from an ESS specialist. I called shortly after and the specialist walked me through the entire process and answered all my questions and concerns during this call.

The concern raised by the ESS specialist was the recoverability of the data as the harddrive had been opened by Ontrack and the drive had been in storage for some length of time. He stated that there would be no charge on the work if ESS was unable to recover the files I needed. I accepted this fact and hoped for the best.

The ESS specialist kept me informed during each step in the process and when the recovery was completed he provided me with the % of files recovered and the status of the recovery of my important files.

When I received the recovered drive, I was surprised at the number of files ESS was able to save. It was much greater than Ontrack had stated.

When it comes to data recovery, in my opinion you get what you pay for and if you want a quality recovery, I recommend ESS.


- Charles Eric Hyder