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Volume Slippage and Data Loss

June 24, 2014

What is Volume Slippage in the World of Data Recovery?

Slippage occurs in a logical volume in which extra sectors are present. There are many reasons for slippage, but the end result is the same: loss of information stored in the P-list module within the track -1 area of a hard disk drive.

This presents a critical problem: the FAT table, NTFS MFT record, directory fork, or other file map does not line up with the correct data. Almost all of the files on a logical volume will appear corrupt when data slippage occurs (in some cases, no files are accessible).

Slippage can only be corrected by removing the bad sectors – or a number of sectors equivalent to the number of bad sectors – in the approximate area where the extras are located.  Because of this, manually correcting slippage can be an extremely time consuming and frustrating process, involving complex calculations and lengthy searching for file headers.

Fortunately. if the “P-list” can be recovered from the bad drive, the exact location of the bad sectors is immediately evident and the problem can be corrected in a matter of minutes.  This requires a complete understanding of the file maps in use, however, as well as specialized file utilities created to solve the problem.

Does Slippage Lead to Permanent Data Loss?

Not usually.  However, the problems that led to slippage could result in substantial file corruption or even media damage. If you do not have experience with professional data recovery tools, we do not recommend operating a hard drive that displays any unusual symptoms.

What are the Symptoms of Data Slippage?

Widespread corruption on a logical volume.  Minor file corruption is not associated with this type of data loss.

Can Treat All Types of Slippage?

The problem varies from case to case, but more than 97 percent of cases are fully recoverable.  We have dozens of utilities designed to treat this issue, and when a utility is not readily available, engineers at our research laboratory will work to create a solution.  All of our facilities are fully outfitted with the tools and equipment needed to treat data slippage, hard drive failures, and various other media issues.

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