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Data Recovery for Virus-Damaged Hard Drives

June 24, 2014

How Do Computer Viruses Cause Data Loss?

Computer viruses have been a constant threat since the introduction of personal computers, and unfortunately, malicious users create new viruses, worms, and Trojan Horses every day. Even if your computer has robust virus protection, it’s still potentially susceptible to an attack.

In most cases, viruses do not cause permanent data loss. While they’re often written to damage the computer operating system or to target specific sets of data, they rarely overwrite your personal files. Viruses are more of a security threat than a data loss threat, but you should still take precautions when handling an infected computer.

We recommend taking the following steps as soon as possible:

  • Turn Your Computer Off. Viruses can only damage your data while your computer is operating, so turn your system off as soon as possible. It’s okay to use the power switch – you might not be able to turn off the PC with the standard “Shutdown” command.
  • Make a List of Your Most Important Files. This will help data recovery engineers develop an appropriate course of action. has a no data, no charge guarantee, so you’ll only pay if your virus-damaged files are completely recovered.
  • Speak with a Data Recovery Professional. We offer free evaluations, and our expert engineers can give you a fast price quote. Our customer service team will also give you detailed shipping and packaging instructions.

Here’s the good news: over 98 percent of virus-damaged computers are completely recoverable. can keep your files secure while resolving corruption and mitigating damage, and we can often return your data in only a few hours via our 24/7 service. We also have affordable solutions for home computer users, and you can get a free evaluation at our four full-service laboratories across the United States and Canada.

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