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Synology RAID Data Recovery Services from

September 11, 2015 engineers are leading specialists in Synology NAS data recovery. Decades of experience with every RAID configuration help our dedicated recovery teams complete jobs quickly, reducing downtime and providing fast results in an emergency.

We maintain full-service laboratories across the U.S., limiting shipping time, and can recover data remotely or visit your facility for on-site service. If your Synology RAID suffers multiple HDD crashes, catastrophic software failure, or physical damage, can help.

Read more about our RAID recovery services here. Call 1.800.237.4200 to speak to a qualified Synology specialist. To get started with a free estimate, click here and fill out our convenient online case form.

Synology Data Recovery for Disaster Scenarios   

Thousands of enterprises worldwide rely on Synology products for large-scale storage. In 2011, only Netgear and QNAP shipped more units than Synology, which controlled an impressive 13.4 percent of the global market.

With top-rated models suitable for any level of storage, Synology RackStations and DiskStations provide dependable service for home and business users. The company offers optional RAID storage on all of its products with multiple HDD trays, and many RackStations ship with standard RAID configurations in place.

However, even with the distributed parity of a RAID 5 configuration or mirrored block redundancy, no storage device is 100 percent fault-tolerant. Synology NAS devices are not immune to component failure, and rebuild errors are always a danger for certain RAID levels.

 Some of the more common causes of data loss for Synology DiskStations and RackStations include:

  • Server Hardware Failure – Higher-end RackStations include redundant power supply units, but most Synology NAS rely on a solitary component to drive power, and power units are not the only single point of failure in Synology servers. Any component may fail unexpectedly, and hardware failure can place data at risk.
  • HDD Failure – Synology RAID is designed specifically for fault tolerance, but losing a single HDD places greater stress on remaining drives in the system. Running RAID arrays in a degraded state may lead to further disk failure, risking your files. Physical damage, such as fire, flooding, or magnetic exposure, may also cause multiple drive failure in Synology RAID arrays.
  • Software Errors – Synology servers ship with a proprietary operating system called DiskStation Manager, which can develop system errors. When not sufficiently secured, older versions of DSM may be vulnerable to hacking attempts or software failure that limit access to your files.

Human error can also damage software functionality, particularly during RAID disk rebuilds.      

Synology RAID is not immune to these hazards, but when disaster strikes, depend on Our engineers have been working with Synology servers since they became available in 2000, and we continually develop expertise with the company’s advancing technology, from SSD cache read/write support to the latest version of Synology DiskStation Manager.

Synology Data Recovery Services for Home and Enterprise

Synology classifies its products according to usage levels. They offer four tiers of DiskStations and RackStations, designed for large scale enterprises, medium-sized businesses, expanding small businesses, and home/small office applications. engineers are experts in every Synology product, and we offer a competitive pricing schedule. We have experience recovering data from Synology appliances configured in the various RAID types they support, including standard RAID levels and Synology Hybrid RAID (SHR). Whether you need to restore your home network or keep a multinational enterprise in business, our services provide a fast solution to NAS data loss.

We offer best-in-class data recovery services for every Synology device, including:

  • RackStations for Large Scale Enterprise – RS18016xs+, RC18015xs+, RS3614xs+, RS3614xs/RS3614RPxs.
  • DiskStations for Large Scale Enterprise – DS3615xs, DS2015xs.
  • RackStations for Mid-Tier Operations – RS2416+/RS2416RP+, RS2414+/RS2414RP+, RS815+/RS815RP+.
  • DiskStations for Mid-Tier Operations – DS2415+, DS1815+, DS1515+, DS713+, DS415+, DS215+.
  • RackStations for Expanding Small Businesses – RS815, RS214.
  • DiskStations for Expanding Small Businesses – DS1515, DS715, DS415play, DS414, DS214play, DS115.
  • DiskStations for Home Use and Light Applications – DS414j, DS141slim, DS215j, DS214se, DS115j. also provides quick, reliable data recovery for the Embedded DataStation EDS14 and the Synology BeyondCloud, a pre-configured DiskStation for home use. Our no data, no charge policy ensures a risk-free transaction for every model of Synology server.

Fill out the form linked at the top of this page to get started or call 1.800.237.4200.