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Plextor Data Recovery

June 23, 2014

Plextor’s offerings in the data storage industry have been mainly centered around optical media, but in recent years, they’ve introduced several SSD and NAS devices intended for home computer users and small offices. Their NAS devices have been fairly well received, and offer a simple means of network-based storage at comparatively low capacities for the industry (up to 2TB for their NAS2 model).

We offer data recovery services on each Plextor NAS device. Here’s a brief overview of Plextor NAS data recovery, including a look at our procedures and some common causes of data loss on the devices.

Plextor Data Recovery Procedures

The cost and complexity of each NAS case is different, as there are hundreds of involved factors. Even with a relatively simple NAS like the PX-NAS2-1T1, the conditions that made data loss possible are often very different from one case to the next.

We evaluate each Plextor NAS in-lab before starting the data recovery process. As Plextor NAS appliances are fairly small, you may ship the entire device (or simply the hard drives from the device) to any of our full service laboratories. An evaluation is completed by an experience NAS data recovery engineer, who will provide a firm price quote and an estimated turnaround time. If this quote is approved, we will begin the recovery.

Damaged hard drives are taken to a class 5 clean room, where components are repaired or replaced to temporarily restore operation. Physical recovery techniques require years of training and highly specialized equipment to be successful, as hard drives are extremely precise instruments. Once the hard drive is operational, it is quickly cloned. We clear up corruption and other issues from clones rather than working with the original hard drives, as this prevents any potential damage to your data.

If data was deleted from the NAS, we may recover it at a block or bit level; in any case, data is thoroughly checked before it is transferred to return media. In most cases, return media will be an external hard drive, but if you would prefer to use your own media, please let us know when arranging for an evaluation.

All of our NAS data recovery procedures are guaranteed by a no data, no charge policy. If we’re unable to recover the data that you’d specified as critical, there is no charge for data recovery services (minor charges for shipping or non-standard service evaluations will still apply).

Signs of Data Loss on Plextor NAS Devices

Plextor NAS devices are built for home storage, and as such, they consist of one or two hard drives, usually working in a RAID 0 configuration. This means that if one hard drive fails, all data on the NAS becomes inaccessible. The most common cause of data loss on Plextor cases that we receive is a single hard drive failure.

Signs of hard drive failures can vary, but common symptoms include unpleasant or unusual noises like a whirring, scraping, or clicking sound. These noises are caused by the heads or spindle of the hard drive making contact with another component of the drive. Any Plextor NAS making noises should be immediately turned off. Do not attempt to turn it on before contacting an experienced data recovery professional.

In some cases, electrical damage can make a Plextor NAS completely inaccessible. If you don’t hear any noises at all from the NAS (not even the typical spin of the hard drive), electrical damage may be present. NAS devices with electrical damage are completely recoverable in well over 95% of cases.

Plextor’s NAS devices use a specialized utility offered by the company (it can be downloaded here). Be sure to check this utility for any unusual error messages or warnings that may indicate a hard drive failure if you’re having trouble accessing your data. Our engineers will be happy to guide you through several basic steps to assess whether data recovery is necessary; contact us at 1.800.237.4200 for more information.

Plextor PX-NAS2 deviceSupported Devices for Plextor Data Recovery

The following model numbers correspond to Plextor’s current NAS offerings.

  • PX-NAS4
  • PX-NAS2-BL1
  • PX-NAS2-1T1
  • PX-NAS2-2T1

These models are fully supported for data recovery services by However, we will also provide data recovery services for any future or legacy NAS devices from Plextor.

Preventing Data Loss On Plextor NAS Devices

Plextor NAS appliances are very well built, but not very redundant. They must be backed up regularly to avoid data loss. Always keep your Plextor NAS plugged into a secure, surge-protected power source. If you notice gradual slowdown, or if you hear any noises coming from your PX-NAS2, you may have data corruption or an impending hard drive failure. Turn the system off immediately. Do not attempt to remove data from the NAS, and do not attempt to use data recovery software. When cases are received in the very early stages of a hard drive failure, we can normally recover data very quickly at a low cost.

Don’t try to boot a failed Plextor NAS. If you have any questions about the operation of your system, or if you believe that your device is acting abnormally, contact a engineer as soon as possible.

To speak with a Plextor data recovery specialist, call at 1.800.237.4200.

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