Hackers Access Details Of 460,000 Customers From Uniqlo Retail Chain

Japanese markets are reeling after Fast Retailing, owner of the country’s popular Uniqlo retail chain, announced that hackers gained unauthorized access to more than 460,000 customer accounts. The compromised data included personally identifiable information such as names, addresses, contact info,...
May 14, 2019

617 Million Accounts Compromised And Sold On Dark Web In Massive Data Breach

The Register is reporting a serious data breach affecting 16 websites and 617 million user accounts. Stolen information is available on the dark web, and the affected websites have warned their users to take action to counteract the breach. The...
March 12, 2019

How To Build Secure Passwords That You’ll Actually Remember

You’re creating an account on a website when you receive this all-too-common prompt: “Create a secure password.” You do what you always do — enter the same password you use for all of your other websites. Hey, if it ain’t...
March 1, 2019

What To Do After Dropping An External Hard Drive

You’ve dropped your external hard drive, and you’re worried that it might not work anymore. Now what? If the drive contains absolutely essential data, the best practice is to leave it powered off. Get it to a data recovery company...
January 2, 2019

Apple Confirms: Some MacBook Pro Solid-State Drives Have a Critical Data Loss Issue

Apple has announced free services for a “limited number of 128GB and 256GB” solid-state drives for some 13-inch MacBook Pro models sold from June 2017 and June 2018. According to the company, the affected drives have an issue that can...
November 12, 2018

Apple Promotes New T2-Equipped Apple Data Recovery Process

Apple says the tool should take between 10 and 20 minutes to partition the external hard drive, though the data transfer time may take as long as two days, depending on the amount of data to be recovered.
October 4, 2018

The Rapid Growth of Storage Technologies: How Data Capacities Changed (And How They’ll Keep Changing)

The history of data storage technology is truly awe inspiring. Over the course of a few decades, innovative technologies have allowed for unbelievable advances in computing, and today, we’re continuing to see incredible improvements in the tools we use to...
September 5, 2018

How File Deletion Is Different For Solid-State Drives and Hard Drives

Everybody makes mistakes, but when those mistakes involve deleting crucial files or accidentally formatting an entire drive, they’re pretty painful. The good news is that most deleted files and formatted disks are recoverable, provided that you take immediate action to...
August 15, 2018

Should You Try To Recover Your Own Data? 3 Points to Consider.

If you’re suffering the consequences of a sudden hard drive failure or an accidental format, you might consider recovering your own data. Believe us—we get it. At Datarecovery.com, we routinely advise against those types of attempts, simply because we’ve seen...
July 27, 2018

The 2018 MacBook Pro’s Data Recovery Problem, Explained

Over the last few days, the 2018 MacBook Pro has come under fire for having an “unrecoverable” solid-state drive (SSD). A teardown from iFixIt revealed the issue, the latest in a line of controversial changes in Apple’s popular MacBook line....
July 24, 2018