What Is a Hard Drive Spindle Failure?

The hard drive spindle is a shaft that holds the platters in place. The platters are disks coated with a thin magnetic material — that magnetic material stores your data. Modern hard drives often have multiple platters, and part of...
October 13, 2022

Logical Data Loss Vs. Physical Data Loss

Data loss can be classified as physical, which is a hardware issue, or logical, which is a software issue.  That’s the basic idea — but in many data loss scenarios, damage can be described as both logical and physical. For...
October 12, 2022

How Many Audio Channels Are Available On Betacam Cassettes?

If you’re converting Betacam cassettes to digital formats, you may need to remove audio, particularly if you’re working with broadcast media with musical cues or sound effects.  Here’s an overview of the audio channels of different BetaCam formats:Standard Betacam...
October 11, 2022

Can You Recover Deleted Files From an SSD?

Recovering deleted data from a solid-state drive (SSD) is difficult, but not necessarily impossible. To explain why, we need to provide a basic overview of how SSDs work — and compare that to the way that hard drives operate. When...
October 6, 2022

Datarecovery.com Offers 50% Discount for Hurricane Ian Victims

Hurricane Ian has dealt an unprecedented blow, killing at least 99 people and causing enormous property damage throughout Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. The true scope of the devastation may not be known for weeks or months to come. Datarecovery.com...
October 4, 2022

Will SSDs Reach Price Parity with Hard Drives in 2023?

Solid-state drives offer numerous advantages for consumers: They’re faster than hard drives, more reliable (although still susceptible to failure), and more energy efficient.  However, they’re also much more expensive. According to Diskprices.com, the least expensive internal hard drives have a...
October 3, 2022

Throwing Out an Old Hard Drive? Here’s How to Protect Your Data

This week, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) discovered records indicating that Morgan Stanley Wealth Management failed to secure the data of 42 servers, potentially risking the private data of 15 million customers. Morgan Stanley allegedly stored data without ...
September 21, 2022

Commercial Photo Digitization: 3 Factors to Consider

For at-scale commercial photo digitization, you'll need to focus on fidelity — and have a plan in place for organizing your media.
September 12, 2022

Will the Ethereum Merge Cause a Fork in the Blockchain?

For cryptocurrency enthusiasts, a hard fork is potentially exciting news — and the upcoming Ethereum Merge (also called Ethereum 2.0, or simply “the Merge”) could prompt one of the largest forks in recent memory. In September 2022, the Ethereum blockchain...
August 31, 2022

Why “Hard Drive Repair” Doesn’t Really Exist

At Datarecovery.com, we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of computer users recover from hard drive failures — but many of those consumers are mystified when we return data on a separate device. That leads to an obvious question: Why can’t we...
August 29, 2022