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Level One NAS Data Recovery

June 23, 2014

Level One is best known for their print servers, but recently they’ve also introduced consumer and professional level NAS devices. These devices provide an easy way to store data for computers on a network, and they’re very popular with small offices. Many of the NAS devices provided by Level One offer some form of redundancy, which reduces the possibility of data loss significantly. When one hard drive fails in a Level One NAS device, a new hard drive can be installed in the server without any issue (provided that the server housed at least three hard drives initially). However, data loss can still occur on all types of servers, and the NAS devices from Level One are no different.

Level One NAS deviceRemote Data Recovery on Level One NAS Devices

In many cases, we’re able to perform remote data recovery services on Level One NAS devices. Remote recovery is possible when:

  • Only one hard drive in a redundant device has failed
  • Configuration or corruption issues caused the data loss
  • Engineers are able to connect to your server with bit level access
  • You can connect another storage device with roughly twice the storage size of your server up to the NAS (in some cases)

Our engineers are trained in server recovery, and NAS cases are always handled by an experienced professional who has dealt with NAS cases in the past. Engineers log on to the server remotely to fix corruption issues that are preventing data from being accessible, and data is then copied off of the device. In some cases, if corruption is fairly mild, the server can be restored without copying data to a second device. Engineers will assess the possibility of remote recovery on a case-by-case basis; you can call us at 1.800.237.4200 to speak to an engineer than can evaluate whether remote recovery is an option in your case.

When remote recovery is not possible, as is the case when multiple drives have failed (or the only drive in a single-drive NAS has failed), we work with the failed media in a class 5 clean room using the latest data recovery techniques. A clone is created of the damaged drives which is used to restore the NAS to its original condition. Any data corruption that was caused by the failure must then be fixed, and data is copied off of the NAS and sent back to you (along with the failed and working drives). We realize that downtime is especially important with NAS cases, and each phase of the process is completed as quickly as possible to get your server back up and running.

Error Messages And Symptoms Of Data Loss

LevelOne devices are capable of emailing system administrators when a serious issue is present that may precede (or indicate) data loss. These emails will typically contain an explanation of the issue, and they can be extremely helpful when data recovery is necessary. Try to keep copies of all error message emails that you receive from your Level One server, and be ready to forward them to a trained data recovery engineer.

If you receive an error notification email for your NAS server that indicates failure of one or more hard drives, do not try to reinitialize the NAS if you notice any abnormalities in its typical operation. You should especially avoid reinitializing a NAS if more than one hard drive has failed, because at this point, installing a new hard drive may cause data to be overwritten. This can greatly complicate the NAS data recovery process.

If you receive an “unknown” error, or a “hard drive missing” error, there may be a problem with the NAS hardware that’s preventing the device from booting normally. This also necessitates data recovery, because the original condition of the NAS must be restored in order for data to be copied off of the device. In many cases, data recovery can be handled remotely when configuration or corruption issues are preventing normal operation.

Supported Level One Servers and Storage Devices

We support data recovery on all Level One servers, including all NAS devices. A list of supported devices is below. However, as Level One produces a variety of products, some newer offerings may not be listed. If your device isn’t listed, contact our data recovery engineers at 1.800.237.4200 to discuss options for your device.

  • WAP-0008
  • GNS-4000 and GNS-4001
  • GNS-8000B
  • FNS-1020
  • WAP-0007
  • GNS-2000


Level One NAS Data Recovery Tips

If you have a LevelOne NAS device that’s not behaving normally, log as much information as possible about the condition of the NAS, including the number of drives, operating and file system, the size of the installed hard drives, and any error emails or messages that you’ve received. Keeping track of as much pertinent information as possible can greatly reduce the cost and turnaround time of data recovery services.

As mentioned earlier, you should be careful not to try to reinitialize a failed NAS device. Do not install any new hard drives until you’ve spoken to a data recovery engineer or a Level One customer service representative.

The chances of data recovery on Level One NAS devices are very high, provided that the hard drives in the device haven’t been overwritten. It’s important to take quick action, and to choose a data recovery company with experience in both NAS devices and Level One servers in particular.

To contact us, please contact us by phone or email for more information or set up a case online.

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