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LaCie Data Recovery

June 23, 2014

LaCie Rugged Mini portable external driveLaCie offers a broad selection of products, from personal hard drives to RAID arrays and NAS servers. Their NAS devices, in particular, have been very well received, and they’re very affordable options for small businesses and even home networks.

NAS and RAID devices from LaCie are very dependable, and have at least one type of redundancy built into their design (meaning that when one hard drive fails, data can be reconstructed). Nevertheless, failure of multiple hard drives and errors during RAID setup and maintenance can sometimes cause data loss. We have extensive experience with all LaCie products, and recovery chances on any LaCie product tend to be very high.

LaCie Server Data Recovery

When a LaCie server such as the LaCie 12big rack network fails, it’s prioritized and worked on by data recovery engineers with training and experience in server recovery. The data recovery process will differ for each device, as different recovery methods are necessary for different issues. First, engineers will determine whether remote data recovery is possible. Remote recovery is used when a server’s failure hasn’t impacted the integrity of data.

LaCie 4big Quadra external RAID storageFor instance, if a single drive has failed on a NAS or RAID device and corruption is preventing the device from recovering on its own, our engineers can use block level access to fix the issue and allow the device to be remounted normally. In some situations, hard drive data recovery is necessary, for instance if multiple hard drive failures have been detected. In these cases, our engineers work to develop an exact clone of the failed drives which can be used to rebuild the lost data. The entire process can usually be completed in a day or two, and a full recovery of the lost data is very likely.

LaCie Error Codes and Data Loss Symptoms

LaCie products indicate serious operating errors in several ways. The LaCie 12big rack network uses audible alarms and lights to alert users of any serious issues. If your device displays a constant drive light combined with a slow beeping sound (a beep about a half second long, recurring every eight seconds), one or more drives have failed or cannot be read by the LaCie 12big rack network. In some situations, data recovery will be necessary, particularly if the device cannot successfully start up.

If you suspect multiple hard drive failure, you should be very careful not to reinitialize the device without contacting LaCie support or a data recovery professional. Reinitialization can sometimes overwrite data if multiple drives have failed, making data recovery much more difficult.

Beeping sounds are also used by LaCie RAID devices and home drives to indicate drive failure, commonly either the slow beep mentioned above or several beeps of differing pitch combined with other symptoms (for instance, if the LaCie device won’t mount or the computer can’t recognize it). This is sometimes accompanies by a GUI error code, depending on the product.

GUI codes are usually very straightforward, and give a simple reason for the device’s issues, for instance, “hard drive failure detected.” Occasionally, only an error code will be displayed. These error codes usually indicate an inability to read or write data, or a problem with data perimeters.

For instance, Error Code -10 is used by some LaCie devices to indicate that the device cannot start.  Error code -50 indicates a file system issue.  As there are dozens of LaCie products, error codes vary; speak with one of our specialists by calling 1.800.237.4200 to diagnose your device’s failure.

List Of LaCie Devices Supported For Data Recovery

We offer complete data recovery services for every LaCie product, from home drives to servers. A partial list of supported LaCie devices appears below. If you own a LaCie device that isn’t listed below, call us at 1.800.237.4200 or send us an email to discuss your data recovery options.

LaCie d2 usb3.0 external desktop driveRAID Arrays, NAS, and other servers:

  • LaCie d2 Network 2
  • LaCie d2 Thunderbolt
  • LaCie 8big Rack
  • LaCie 4big Quadra
  • LaCie 2big Quadra
  • LaCie 2big Quadra Enterprise Class
  • LaCie 12big Rack Fibre
  • LaCie 12big Rack Serial
  • LaCie 12big Rack Network
  • LaCie Network Space (including Network Space 2)
  • LaCie 2big Network (including 2big Network 2)
  • LaCie Big Disk devices (including LaCie Big Disk Network)
  • LaCie 5big Network and 5big Thunderbolt 2
  • LaCie Ethernet Disk

Personal hard drives, including RAID 0 and 1 devices:

  • LaCie Starck Desktop Hard Drive
  • LaCie Starck Mobile Hard Drive
  • LaCie Rugged XL
  • LaCie Grand Hard Disk
  • LaCie d2 Quadra Hard Disk (including Enterprise class)
  • LaCie Hard Disk
  • LaCie Hard Disk Quadra
  • LaCie Hard Disk MAX Quadra
  • LaCie Hard Disk MAX
  • LaCie Brick Desktop Hard Drive
  • LaCie Rikiki
  • LaCie Petit Hard Disk
  • LaCie Little Disk
  • LaCie Little Big Disk Quadra
  • LaCie Skwarim
  • All Thunderbolt 2 Products
  • LaCie d2 USB 3.0

Please note that this is not a complete list.  LaCie regularly introduces new innovative technologies, and we offer data recovery services for all LaCie products regardless of age, size, or media format. offers LaCie recovery services through all of our laboratory locations.

LaCie Data Recovery Tips

It’s important to avoid taking any action that could compromise the integrity of data, especially with LaCie servers. At the first sign of data loss, immediately shut down the failing device and contact a data recovery engineer.

Our engineers will assess whether remote data recovery is possible, as this is the fastest option in most cases, and will advise you on the next steps, including an estimated cost and turnaround time.

If your LaCie storage product has failed and you need reliable service to get your data back, please contact us by phone or email for more information or set up a case online.