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HP Server Data Recovery

June 23, 2014

proliantData Recovery Solutions for HP Servers offers complete RAID recovery options for every HP server, regardless of initial configuration or other features.  Please note that this page is not regularly updated; to discuss RAID data recovery with a qualified engineer, we encourage you to call our customer service team at 1.800.237.4200.

High-end HP Proliant, Integrity, 9000, and Alpha servers can have a wide variety of RAID configurations, but most Proliant Servers are setup as a stripe set with parity (RAID 5). The default for the RAID stripe is 64k (128 sectors). The data is striped across all the disks, and a parity block rotates between drives; if one disk fails, the RAID card can default to degraded mode and run without interruption.

A problem arises when there is corruption within some essential parity blocks or when more than one drive fails at about the same time, preventing IT professionals from safely replacing the first failed drive.  A damaged volume might present a number of different symptoms, and for the best chances of recovery, you need fast help from an experienced team of professionals.

Dense HP IBRIX server and HP Server Recovery

Our certified RAID data recovery engineers are familiar with the entire family of HP Servers, including Proliant, Integrity, IBRIX, Non-stop, HP9000, X9000, and even Alpha servers.

With more than century of combined experience, we can recover many HP servers within days, and recovery rates are extremely high.  Provided that the drives were not rebuilt in an incorrect configuration and that the physical media is intact, we can treat all failure scenarios.  This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Hard Drive Failures and Controller Failures
  • Data Corruption
  • Lost Databases and Deleted Files
  • Damage from Natural Events

RAID engineers at have the expertise to recover data at both a hardware and software level, and we occasionally write custom software in-lab to address unique recovery situations. In cases with physical damage, our data recovery specialists can remove the platters from a failed drive, create a clone of this drive using custom equipment, and then recreate your original volume from this clones and the functional drives.

If your Hewlett Packard Server has crashed, time is a critical factor.  We recommend an immediate consultation with a data recovery engineer; call us now at 1.800.237.4200 to get started.