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Finding the Best Data Recovery Company

June 23, 2014

Data loss affects everyone, and if you can’t recreate your files and you don’t have a backup, a professional data recovery company is an excellent resource. However, you need to be careful to choose a company that is qualified to handle your case.

At, we encourage our clients to explore all of their options. We’re confident in our position as the best data recovery company operating in the United States, but we are in a highly competitive industry with many other reputable companies.

Whether you choose to work with us or another company, our goal is to provide a positive experience, and these tips will help you to compare costs, capabilities, and other service features as you do your research.

Tips for Choosing the Best Data Recovery Company

The ideal data recovery company should have:

  • Data recovery evaluation reportFree Evaluations. If your drive has been opened by another data recovery center or if it was severely damaged in a fire or flood, expect to pay a nominal evaluation fee. However, other standard cases should receive free evaluations. The purpose of the evaluation is to determine a price for your recovery, and a free analysis ensures that you won’t pay if you cannot afford the services.
  • A Transparent Pricing Policy. You should not encounter any unexplained fees or charges. The company should be able to explain exactly what is wrong with your device and give you a clear, honest price for the work.They should be able to explain what they will need to do to successfully recover the data from your device, and you should be able to receive regular updates. Online case update systems are advantageous, as they allow you to track the progress of your case in real time.
  • A No Data, No Charge Guarantee. You shouldn’t pay any service charge if your data isn’t recoverable. Ask about guarantees and read your provider’s terms of service carefully.Some companies will charge a partial fee for a partial recovery of your files. This is acceptable, but you should be able to designate certain files as more important than others under the terms of your data recovery agreement. For instance, if you want to recover a certain document and you don’t care about anything else on a hard drive, you should not be charged if the document is not recoverable.Provide a full, detailed list of requested files, file types, or folders when setting up your case.
  • Appropriate Technology. No data recovery company can function effectively without an ISO Class 5 clean room, firmware repair tools, and other high-end technology.Ask about technology. Remember, data recovery is a highly specialized field, and your local computer repair shop won’t have the necessary tools to provide safe services. Our laboratories have hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment, and every process we undertake is completely non-destructive.
  • Appropriate Security. Will your data recovery provider look through your recovered files? Ask about privacy policies. The best data recovery companies have well-established policies to prevent lab personnel from accessing or copying files. Our engineers rarely open files, instead checking recoveries with dedicated tools, and we always obtain your permission before doing so.
  • A Track Record of Success. Check whether your data recovery provider has an established history. Look through past clients, and consider asking for references. The best data recovery companies will be able to provide you with contact information for a few past clients.While this step may seem like overkill, remember that some recovery services can cost several thousand dollars. Some quick research can help you make certain that you’re choosing a qualified firm.


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