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Dell PowerEdge Data Recovery

June 24, 2014

pedgeData Loss and Dell PowerEdge Servers

The Dell PowerEdge series features enterprise-level capabilities with remarkably affordable pricing, and the servers are extremely popular with small businesses. Because of their popularity, has developed specialized technologies to treat data loss on various PowerEdge devices, and we offer service options to help businesses control their overall expenses.

PowerEdge servers use a variety of RAID configurations, but RAID 5 (a striped set with a parity) is by far the most common. PowerEdge uses a default RAID stripe of 64k, equivalent to 128 sectors, and the user’s data is striped across all disks. A parity block rotates between the member drives, ensuring redundancy.

If a single hard drive fails, the PowerEdge will not lose data – the RAID card will default to degraded mode and continue to operate without any interruption. However, if there is corruption within essential parity blocks or if more than one hard drive fails, the RAID volume will fail. These are the most common scenarios for data loss.

Creating a Plan for Dell PowerEdge Data Recovery staffs certified engineers who are familiar with the PERC controller family, and with multiple laboratories with Class 5 clean rooms, we offer the most efficient PowerEdge recovery options nationwide. Our process begins with a thorough evaluation, which results in a price quote and a specialized recovery plan for your case.

Our engineers then create disk images of all functional RAID hard drives while repairing any damaged drives that are necessary to the set. We draw from substantial experience – many of our engineers have worked with PowerEdge servers for decades, and whether you have a tower, blade, or rack system, we can develop an optimal strategy to return all essential files on your schedule.

We provide recovery services for all PowerEdge configurations including (but not limited to):

  • RAID 1 (Mirrored Set)
  • RAID 0 (Striped Set)
  • RAID 5
  • RAID 6
  • All Types of Nested RAID

Provided that your RAID has not been rebuilt in an incorrect configuration, the chances of a successful recovery are usually very high. We encourage you to contact our engineers before attempting to rebuild or repair your RAID, particularly if the cause of the failure isn’t immediately apparent. provides free consultations and RAID evaluations, and our secure laboratories give you excellent options following any server failure.

Call 1.800.237.4200 and ask to speak with our Dell PowerEdge RAID recovery experts.