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Why Recommends JetStor Storage Solutions

May 12, 2017

When you’re storing and accessing large amounts of JetStor 660iS-760iSimportant data, custom hardware is extremely advantageous. To that end, many of our RAID data recovery clients ask us for recommendations; these clients have dealt with significant data loss, and they want a replacement system that will offer a better experience.

While we don’t make many hardware recommendations, we do see hundreds of RAID, JBOD, and NAS/SAN systems each year. When clients ask our engineers to recommend a reliable, functional, and cost-effective storage device, we recommend JetStor solutions from AC&NC.

Our reasoning is simple: These devices are extremely reliable systems. They’re typically customized for specific storage needs, which has significant advantages in terms of speed and reliability. In modern applications, customization is crucial.

JetStor engineers assess application requirements carefully in order to build storage devices that offer a blend of functionality and scalability, and from the systems we’ve seen in our laboratories, they do a tremendous job of addressing their clients’ needs.

The Advantages of a Custom JetStor RAID

Because AC&NC builds JetStor storage solutions for dozens of applications, they offer expansive options, including custom SAN, NAS, DAS / SAS, and JBOD options. This is crucial, because two different applications will often require two very different approaches—and one company’s ideal RAID setup may expose another company to data loss or unnecessary expenditures.

JetStor systems vary greatly in terms of size and RAID configuration, so levels of redundancy vary. Some JetStor devices can sustain several physical media failures without losing data, while others don’t have this same level of protection. A company might opt for less redundancy in order to reduce costs, or to increase storage capacity without increasing the physical size of a storage system.

But even when redundancy isn’t a major concern, JetStor devices are very reliable thanks to high-quality hardware. AC&NC recognizes that redundancy isn’t the same thing as a backup—any system can lose data, regardless of the quality of its components.

Even with safeguards, data loss is always possible in extreme circumstances, but AC&NC goes above and beyond in using best-practice techniques to create dependable systems. They actively educate their clients, clearly explaining the benefits of different RAID levels and backup techniques. That results in a great return on investment, regardless of application.

JetStor offers expert support, and their staff can effectively address some disaster recovery scenarios. Additionally, many JetStor solutions incorporate offsite backup without relying on data tapes, and incorporating best practices to ensure dependable access to crucial files. regularly works with AC&NC hardware, and we often recommend them to our clients as replacements for inferior storage systems. We’ve also performed RAID data recovery services for JetStor owners on occasion, and we’re impressed by what we’ve seen.

Every company that relies on large physical storage systems should invest in custom solutions to see the best possible results. We strongly recommend AC&NC and JetStor in these instances. Click here to visit the JetStor website.