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G-Technology external storage devices provide an elegant balance of speed and reliability. Their products often have small form factors, which makes them ideal for photographers, small businesses, and personal computer users.

If you experience data loss while using a G-Tech device, Datarecovery.com can help. We offer excellent data recovery services performed in real laboratories by real engineers, giving you fast access to lost or damaged files. Our techniques never void your manufacturer’s warranty, and our service levels ensure affordability.

When you send your G-Technology drive to Datarecovery.com, you receive a 20 percent discount off of the cost of recovery. We also provide a free media evaluation with our standard G-Technology data recovery service.


The Benefits of Choosing Datarecovery.com:

  • Free Evaluations for Standard Cases
  • 20% Referral Discount for All G-Technology Storage Devices
  • Options for G-Raid and Other Multi-Drive Systems
  • Safe Recoveries in a Class 5 Clean Room
  • Your Warranty Remains Intact

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