Customer Feedback has recovered data for thousands of customers, from individual computer users to large companies and government agencies. Below are recent feedback submissions by those customers, including feedback we’ve received from people who had their case completed just days ago.

“From start to finish set the standard for professionalism.”


“All of my data recovered by this company. And I am satisfied. Thank you very much.”


“ is my GO TO local company for data recovery (also for non-local — just send in the drive!). They have now saved my a** and recovered critical date for me 2 times, and have led me into a pattern of manual backup of all on my C: drive every two weeks, needed or not, just in case. Every hard drive will fail — you just don’t know when, so if you are lax like I was and not backing up every two weeks or so, you need a savior, and that’s what you will find with Data Recovery. My case was particularly challenging for them, as the drive heads they ordered for the recovery process failed four or five times before a set finally worked. Others may have given up and said “Too bad — didn’t work.” But they persevered and finally got a good working set of disk heads and recovered all my files. I am now a customer for life, though I don’t want to have to use them again — for obvious reasons — but if you have a hard disk failure, try Data Recovery, as they really work hard for you. Love you guys/gals!!!”


“While I had hoped that the price would have been lower, I was extremely pleased on how well and professionally my issue was handled – both process and outcome.”


“very professional, extremally fast, and very responsive to questions or concerns I would not hesitate to use them again”


“The team at was able to get all my photos back from a damaged external hard drive very quickly. The process was quick and the rep kept me updated throughout the way. Highly recommend! Thank you!”


“Excellent work! All of the data seems to be functional. Thank you for the expedient service!”


“Super friendly and very fast service. Extremely reasonably priced for their services.”


“Not cheap, but worth every penny! 🙂 SUPER convenient and GREAT communication! We appreciate your excellent service, but selfishly hope we never need your help again. Thanks again for everything! The Jones Family”


“Fast and easy to use”