Customer Feedback has recovered data for thousands of customers, from individual computer users to large companies and government agencies. Below are recent feedback submissions by those customers, including feedback we’ve received from people who had their case completed just days ago.

“I am extremely happy the way the process was done quick and all my data was recovered. Job well done thank you”


“Thank you for the quick turn around and you kept me informed on how you were progressing. Big thumbs up!!!”


“very happy that you were able to recover my data. Thank you. I thought the price was a bit steep, however, it was my fault not to back up back up back up.”


“The data recovery service was awesome, I hopefully recover all files. The only problem that I had was with the financial department requesting the invoice of my credit card to request in my job the refund.”


“Full recovery – cannot complain.”


“Thank you Justin, for recovering my daughter’s laptop. I really appreciated you level of professionalism. Thank you again!”


“It would have been nice to have instructions on what to look for and how to download. it was expensive to do this and not sure if it was worth it just for pictures.”


“The customer service was great! I loved the way they stayed in contact with me throughout the process, which ended up being longer than everyone thought. I think the pricing system is very fair, where you only have to pay for the percentage of critical data recovery. Thank you!”


“Very good experience, thank you.”


“Excellent. The only issue was my primary person who was assigned to me, had apparently left, and I fell through the cracks, having to call a few times for updates and questions. Other than that. great job.”