Customer Feedback has recovered data for thousands of customers, from individual computer users to large companies and government agencies. Below are recent feedback submissions by those customers, including feedback we’ve received from people who had their case completed just days ago.

“Time estimates were constantly off by 1-2 days throughout the process. Would have liked more realistic estimates or at least communication about delays before I had to request it. Very happy data was recovered, however.”


“All data was correctly recovered […]”


“You all where great. Took a while to get my data back but you all were able to get a full recovery and keep me up to date on the status. Thank you for a job well done!”


“From beginning to end, the entire process was managed perfectly, never felt left in the dark. Thank you so much for all of you there at Datarecovery!”


“While I’ve not done an exhaustive check, it appears that all of the data is fine. You may return my original media.”


“Kerri […] was wonderful to work with, the time frame the work was completed in was exactly as described and although not all of my pictures were able to be recovered, my expectations had been set appropriately and I am very satisfied.”


“Good recovery and service was excellent. THANKS”


“I received my hard drive back on Saturday and everything is in back. Thank you so much! Seriously a life saver!”


“Very impressed with, they tried everything to recover my data, they kept me in the loop and they respected their initial quote even though it was more challenging than expected to recover the data.”


“Process was very simple and easy. All of my data was recovered in a very short amount of time.”