Customer Feedback has recovered data for thousands of customers, from individual computer users to large companies and government agencies. Below are recent feedback submissions by those customers, including feedback we’ve received from people who had their case completed just days ago.

“Great service along with excellent communication. Recovered nearly 500G worth of data for me. I would use again if needed. Thanks.”


“Reasonable price & full recovery! confidential”


“In regards to the support, communication, and service from, we were more than pleased. With the understanding that recovery of data is a very tricky process, with some limitations on success in some cases. We took notice that every possible measure was applied to ensure best possible results. Our case had 99+ percent of data recovered, and given the age of the units, it was a spectacular result. A very happy customer, would recommend highly!”


“Hello, I just received the backup drive and I am pleased to say that every file was recovered successfully. Thank you.”


“No problem with recovered data as far as accessing it.”


“The folks at were fantastic. The service was excellent and the data recovered on a badly damaged SD card was 100%. i could not have been any more happy or satisfied. Thank you for an excellent job!”


“I greatly appreciate everything you guys have done for me and I don’t feel just saying thank you is enough but I truly am so so so extremely grateful for your company and every one who made it possible for me to get this data back. I don’t even know how to begin to express how much this meant to me.”


“I don’t love getting emails to “Mr. [Name]”–I’m female, I have never heard of a guy having my (popular) first name, I’ve talked to Denise on the phone more than once. I was very pleased with both’s pricing and the way my data was returned to me.”


“Nice service!”


“Other than taking longer than expected, everything was great. Communication during the process was great, letting me know the progress and setbacks as they happened.”