Does Hard Drive’s Orientation Increase Failure Rate?

If you’re building a PC or buying an external hard drive, you may have the option to decide whether to orient the drive vertically or horizontally. Horizontal orientation is more or less the de facto standard — chances are, you’re...
September 7, 2021

Can An Improper Computer Shutdown Damage Your Hard Drive?

An improper PC shutdown probably isn’t a big deal — but it could cause a hard drive failure. Here’s an overview of the risks.
August 31, 2021

High Altitudes Can Cause Hard Drive Failures

Operating a hard drive at over 10,000 feet can put data at risk. Here’s an explanation of why HDD failures are more common at high altitude.
August 26, 2021

Are Hard Drive Enclosures Airtight?

Contrary to popular belief, the enclosure of a hard drive does not create a perfect seal (on most hard drives). One look at a flood-damaged hard drive will make that clear — we frequently receive hard drives that have been...
August 20, 2021

Hard Drive Data Recovery FAQ

This page addresses some of the most common customer questions regarding hard drive data recovery. If your question isn’t listed, you can get immediate assistance from a customer service representative by clicking here. Hard Drive Data Recovery: Frequently Asked...
August 11, 2021

Does Hard Drive RPM Affect Lifespan?

A hard drive’s RPM does not affect its lifespan directly, but faster drives offer better performance overall. Here’s an overview.
August 3, 2021

The Pros and Cons of SSDs as External Hard Drives

As our lives become increasingly mobile, it’s only natural for people to seek portable storage options that can function on the go, as well. For years now, this need for portable storage has manifested itself in the form of floppy...
July 7, 2021

The Rapid Growth of Storage Technologies: How Data Capacities Changed (And How They’ll Keep Changing)

The history of data storage technology is truly awe inspiring. Over the course of a few decades, innovative technologies have allowed for unbelievable advances in computing, and today, we’re continuing to see incredible improvements in the tools we use to...
September 5, 2018

Seagate ST1000LM024 and ST1000LM025 Drives Appear to be Prone to Head Failures

At, we receive thousands of hard drives each month, and when we notice a specific issue with a certain model number or series, we try to spread the word. Recently, we’ve seen a large number of Seagate/Samsung Spinpoint M8...
August 17, 2017

Unlock DVR Hard Drives for Normal Use: A Guide

We recently came across something we hadn’t seen before with a couple hard drives, both from DirecTV DVR/receiver systems. When put into a normal computer, they would not spin up or power on. However, the drives’ owner told us that...
January 11, 2016