The History of Sony Betacam SP

For nearly three decades, Beta SP was the standard for broadcasting and professional video archival work. With a low cost per cassette and outstanding quality compared to competing formats, Beta SP was one of the most successful (and profitable) analog...
June 1, 2022

What is Betacam SP’s Resolution?

The Betacam SP format has a horizontal resolution of 340 lines. This was an improvement over the original Betacam format, which had a resolution of 300 lines. To accomplish this improvement, Betacam SP used metal-formulated tape, as opposed to its...
May 20, 2022

Can You Transfer U-Matic to Digital Video Formats?

U-matic tapes can be converted to digital video formats, including formats compliant with standards like Sony D-1.  However, due to the age of the U-matic medium, we strongly recommend working with professional video technicians to ensure the highest quality output....
May 17, 2022

Converting Betacam SP to Digital Formats

Introduced in 1986, Betacam SP (also called Beta SP) quickly became the default standard for professional video post-production. The format offered several key improvements over the original Betacam, and Beta SP cassettes could accommodate 90 minutes of high-quality recording. Since...
May 9, 2022

Betacam and Betacam SP Video Conversion: Key Factors

For decades, Betacam formats were an established standard in video production. Analog Betacam tapes dramatically improved on the quality of the widely used U-Matic format. When Sony transitioned to Betacam SP, Digital Betacam, and Betacam SX, broadcasters and other video...
May 6, 2022

Converting Analog Video to Digital: Questions to Ask Service Providers

The VCRs of the world are breaking down. Functioning film projectors are increasingly hard to find. Tapes and film degrade with every viewing. To preserve your analog video collection — and to share it in digital channels, from Facebook to...
August 18, 2021

“Vinegar Syndrome” and Other Signs of Analog Film Damage

If your family recorded home videos between the 1930s and the 1970s, odds are they captured that vacation or piano recital on 8 mm film. (Super 8, Kodak’s hugely popular take on the original amateur film format, debuted in 1965...
August 16, 2021

How Long Do Analog Film Reels Last Before Degrading in Quality?

You’ve got a big box of VHS tapes, Super 8 reels, or other analog video films sitting in your attic. Are they still playable? How long can you store them safely? And if they’re showing clear signs of damage, what...
August 13, 2021

Recovering VHS Tapes to Digital Video Formats

Converting VHS tapes to modern formats can be risky, but the right video conversion team can help — even when your media is degraded or damaged.
August 6, 2021