Lost Passwords Responsible For an Estimated 90% Of Cryptocurrency Loss According to Datarecovery.com, Inc. Report

The past year has seen popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC-USD) go from just over $9,000 back in May of 2020 to well over $60,000 in April of 2021 down to under $40,000 the following month. This came as quite the shock...
May 25, 2021

Data Lakes Explained: What Are They, And Are They Safe?

Just as we do with our personal data, many companies prioritize safety alongside accessibility when deciding what to do with their data. While these things are always important, regardless of if you have one gigabyte of storage or one hundred...
April 20, 2021

The 6 Most Common Places Your Lost Bitcoin Wallet Is Hiding (and How to Recover It)

While Bitcoin began as a very niche, very esoteric cryptocurrency, it has since grown into something much more mainstream in the past decade. With the price of Bitcoin topping 61 thousand dollars in mid-March and hovering around the 55 thousand...
April 2, 2021

NFTs Explained: What Are They, and How Might They Shape the Future of Cryptocurrency?

While cryptocurrency has been around for over a decade now, the concept of an intangible digital asset with an extremely tangible price tag has really come to the forefront of the general public’s mind with the great Bitcoin boom of...
January 11, 2021

Microsoft SQL Server Database Recovery

Our data recovery customers often ask that we target their databases, and Microsoft SQL Server databases are among the most frequently requested files. In many cases, a SQL Server database is the only important thing on a drive or server...
November 20, 2020

Datarecovery.com Announces Support for APFS File System

Datarecovery.com (formerly ESS Data Recovery, Inc.) has announced full support for the upcoming Apple File System (APFS). The company will offer a full set of data recovery services, providing an important resource for Mac OS users who lose files from...
June 20, 2016

The Ashley Madison Leak: What Information Was Released?

The Ashley Madison data leak is unquestionably the most high-profile IT security event of the last year, and members of the website face serious repercussions. Ashley Madison advertises as “the world’s leading married dating service for discreet encounters,” but that...
August 27, 2015

Datarecovery.com Offers Simple Way to Verify Ashley Madison Leaks

Datarecovery.com, Inc., a world leader in computer forensics services, will provide customers with a simple way to verify whether their personally identifiable information has been made publicly accessible through high-profile security breaches, including the recent leaks from dating website Ashley...
August 27, 2015

A Guide to Mobile Phone Text Message Recovery

This thorough process and custom software solution really separates our service from the hardware and software products available...In a recent case, the best commercial software was able to find 2,098 text messages, while we recovered 3,756 valid messages – 79% more.
July 6, 2015

DVR & Security System Recovery

Datarecovery.com recovers data from specialized storage systems quite frequently, and one interesting type is the digital video recording device. We perform work on all kinds of DVRs, often network video recorders, and most frequently the DVRs we recover data from...
July 2, 2015