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You need a data recovery company that you can trust to retrieve your information quickly, securely, and within your budget.

Our Phoenix data recovery laboratory provides world-class services to the Southwestern United States, including the Phoenix metropolitan area, Albuquerque, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and the West Coast.

Phoenix/Tempe office building

With a Class 5 clean room, full data center, and SAS 70 verified security, our state-of-the-art facility is prepared to handle any data recovery scenario you may encounter, from a simple hard drive or mobile device failure to an enterprise RAID or SAN emergency. Unlike some other providers, we run an actual lab in Phoenix, not a forwarding office.

Additionally, our Phoenix location houses our mobile device recovery systems, created through years of research. These cutting-edge technologies allow our experts to recover information from damaged mobile devices – including photos, videos, emails, calendars, text messages, contacts, and even social networking, web browsing, and GPS histories – without transferring your media offsite.

Phoenix data recovery laboratory features:

  • Class 5 Clean Room (ISO 14644-1)
  • All Procedures Performed On Site
  • 24/7 Options and a No Data, No Charge Policy
  • Unique Tools for Mobile Device Data Recovery


We also offer expedited emergency services for Phoenix data recovery. Clients will then have the additional option to securely download time-sensitive and mission-critical data as soon as it is recovered, thanks to our facility’s high bandwidth internet.  We are the only full-service laboratory in the Phoenix area, and our 24/7 services give you around-the-clock access. provides results. For more information or to set up an appointment at our Phoenix data recovery office, call 1.800.237.4200 or complete the quick form here.

1500 N. Priest Drive
Suite 122
Tempe, AZ 85281

1.602.635.2015 (all inquiries)

10AM-5PM, Monday-Friday … CLOSED MONDAY 1/15 FOR HOLIDAY

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Phoenix Office Feedback

“All of my data is on the replacement drive and all is good. Thank you so very much for your great service and keeping me up to date. You all rock!”


“I was very happy with the service I got. The price they quoted me was more than I was able to afford and they were able to work with me and still gave me top notch service. I will absolutely be using their services again if anything were to happen again.”


“Recovery was as expected. Other than a few folders and files that had parts of the name changed (which I am sure was due to my method of naming), the recovery was successful. I am very happy with the results and especially the caring and service from the staff there.”


“Thanks very much for recovering the data on my external drive. It was a bit expensive but you were able to recover all of my important 15-year-old pics that I thought i had lost.”


“Very quick and efficient.”


“I was in the process of backing up important data on my drive when the heads failed. was able to recover 100% of the data. Well worth the price. Thank you so much.”


“While I had hoped that the price would have been lower, I was extremely pleased on how well and professionally my issue was handled – both process and outcome.”

Rating: 4.9 / 5 - 84 total