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Pleasanton office, Bay Area CA

When a hard drive fails or a computer stops responding, you need a safe, efficient way to recover important files. can help.

Our Bay Area facility provides industry-leading services for San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, and the rest of the West Coast. We operate a full-service data recovery laboratory staffed by experienced engineers and equipped with a full array of state-of-the-art data recovery technologies, and unlike many of our competitors, we recover every case onsite without outsourcing procedures to other laboratories.

Whether you need to retrieve one file or an entire RAID array, our experts will provide results within days. Our capabilities include:

  • Hard Drive Recovery in a Class 5 Cleanroom (ISO 14644-1)
  • Advanced Hard Drive Microcode
  • Repair and Electronics Repair Tools
  • RAID, NAS, and SAN Data Recovery with Highly Specialized Equipment
  • Complex File System Repair Technologies
  • Proprietary Data Tape Recovery Systems
  • State-of-the-Art Electronic Discovery Technology

We opened our San Francisco Bay Area data recovery location to better serve the needs of our growing West Coast client base. Dozens of major technology companies are based in Pleasanton, as the city offers easy access to the rest of the Bay Area. Over the last decade, has provided services for thousands of local clients including Ecast, San Jose State University, Marriott International, Cisco Systems, IBM, Agilent Technologies, and Hitachi.

By operating a full-service laboratory in Pleasanton, we are able to recover hard drives, solid-state drives, data cartridges, RAID arrays, and various other media without the security risks and turnaround extensions that can occur when media is shipped cross-country. has a Class 5 Cleanroom, and we recover all data in this certified environment. We also offer the Bay Area’s most complete set of resources for computer forensics, electronic discovery services, and expert testimony.

If you’re experiencing a digital storage device failure, you need a data recovery specialist who you can trust to return your information to you securely, quickly, and effectively. gives you a completely customizable set of options, and all of our facilities provide a no data, no charge guarantee.

For further inquiries or to set up a free media evaluation at our Pleasanton data recovery facility, call 1.800.237.4200 or complete the quick form here.

1241 Quarry Lane
Pleasanton, CA 94566

9AM-5PM, Monday-Friday


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Pleasanton Office Feedback

“While I have personally started using an automated backup to the cloud, my friend had been collecting translations of songs from the Fulani language in Africa for several years on the failed drive. He was very appreciative of your efforts. If I had a gripe, it would be that I told him he could have the old drive back as a paperweight and had checked the return the old drive box. Thank you on his behalf.”


“You recovered everything for me. I had irreplaceable audio recordings and pictures that I now have back, thanks to you.”


“I am very pleased with my experience with Data Recovery. Customer service(Valerie) explained the process and kept me informed. And, my recovery was successful. Thank you.”


“The files were recovered and everyone was friendly and professional. Thank you.”


“The people at Data Recovery are amazing. They were able to save my daughter first 3 years of photos and videos when my external drive crashed. I cant say enough good things about these people. I wouldn’t go any where else for my data recovery. They made it simple and I got results!!”


“ is my GO TO local company for data recovery (also for non-local — just send in the drive!). They have now saved my a** and recovered critical date for me 2 times, and have led me into a pattern of manual backup of all on my C: drive every two weeks, needed or not, just in case. Every hard drive will fail — you just don’t know when, so if you are lax like I was and not backing up every two weeks or so, you need a savior, and that’s what you will find with Data Recovery. My case was particularly challenging for them, as the drive heads they ordered for the recovery process failed four or five times before a set finally worked. Others may have given up and said “Too bad — didn’t work.” But they persevered and finally got a good working set of disk heads and recovered all my files. I am now a customer for life, though I don’t want to have to use them again — for obvious reasons — but if you have a hard disk failure, try Data Recovery, as they really work hard for you. Love you guys/gals!!!”


“originally told it would take 10 days. It took three months. But I did get most of my data back.”

[Note: Turnaround time is always estimated. This was a rare case that did take longer than expected, but there was no additional cost and we were glad to be ultimately successful.]

Rating: 4.8 / 5 - 83 total