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August 27, 2015, Inc., a world leader in computer forensics services, will provide customers with a simple way to verify whether their personally identifiable information has been made publicly accessible through high-profile security breaches, including the recent leaks from dating website Ashley Madison.

“This is one of the most significant Internet security breaches in history”

Hackers began releasing the Ashley Madison data to torrent websites and the Dark Web (hidden networks that require specialized software to access) in late July, starting with more than 10 gigabytes of stolen data. Last week, another 20 gigabytes of data was released. The files contain personal information for millions of users.

The leaks have garnered significant media attention because of the unique nature of the Ashley Madison website, which markets its services towards people in committed relationships who want to start affairs. According to multiple sources, the released information has led to divorces and other serious consequences for some users.

“It’s a major breach of privacy, and users need to know whether or not they were affected,” said Ben Carmitchel, President of “We’re offering the first computer forensics service specifically geared towards the victims of this type of data security breach.”

The computer forensics experts at can independently verify if an individual’s information was released, and to what extent. Customers can request information by using first and last name, email address and other personally identifiable information. The service is only available to primary users of hacked websites — not their spouses or other individuals.

While several websites have been set up to search through the leaked data, Ashley Madison has quickly taken them down by issuing Digital Millennial Copyright Act (DMCA) notices. Many of the remaining sites only search through some of the leaked data, and all sites ask for users’ email addresses, opening up additional security concerns.

“This is one of the most significant Internet security breaches in history,” said Carmitchel. “Our service is intended to help the affected users protect their sensitive data and retain some degree of privacy.” is a worldwide leader in computer forensics and data recovery services. With four locations in California, Illinois, Arizona, and Toronto, the company provides a variety of services to thousands of clients each year. Visit for more information.

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