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Data Recovery Pioneer Uses IceWarp to Connect its North American Messaging Infrastructure, Achieves Instant ROI with First Installation

June 19, 2014

(Press Release Issued by IceWarp)

June 19, 2014 – Springfield, VA- Global messaging and collaboration solutions provider IceWarp has announced today that, one of the world’s first professional data recovery providers, achieved instant ROI with the first installation of its award-winning messaging server.

“Working for technology companies, especially if for the trendsetters in their market segments, is very challenging, but very rewarding,” said Cliff Novellino, Director of North American Sales at IceWarp. “The bar is high and there is no room for error. That is why we are proud that industry leaders like select IceWarp to power their messaging infrastructure.”

Complete case study:


One of the world’s first professional data recovery providers, provides an extensive array of services for businesses and personal computer users through five offices in the United States and Canada. The company has developed many industry-leading methods and technologies for hard drive recovery, RAID recovery, and other advanced solutions, and offers fast turnaround options through laboratories in Minnesota, Illinois, California, Arizona, and Ontario, Canada. locations offer services for all types of computer storage media including hard drives, data tapes, flash media, and more. To maintain high success rates, the company outfits each facility with firmware repair computers, clean flow benches, and other proprietary tools. is one of the only companies in the United States offering 24/7 services along with budget-friendly options for personal computer users. Major clients have included NASA, Sprint, Lockheed Martin, and Microsoft.


Data recovery engineers need to communicate freely in order to collaborate and handle cases effectively. Due to rapid growth and expansion, encountered significant messaging limitations that threatened to affect the day-to-day operations of its laboratories.

The company’s technology team considered several options including web-based solutions like Gmail and various open source messaging platforms. These solutions did not offer the scalability, security, or flexibility that needed in its communications system.

“We were looking for a platform that offered the simplicity of a cloud application with the security of an on-premise solution,” said Ben Carmitchel, President of “At one point, we even considered building a dedicated server, but we didn’t want to dedicate significant resources to server administration and upkeep.”


Continuing their research, performed a customer experience analysis of available messaging platforms and found consistently high reviews for IceWarp Server, a cross-platform solution with an intuitive interface.

“IceWarp was easy to install, and since our engineers use a variety of different machines, we appreciated the cross-platform capabilities,” said Ben Carmitchel. “It also has great anti-spam technology and superior security features, which is crucial in our industry. Most importantly, we don’t have to train every engineer on its features; they can start using IceWarp within minutes.” implemented IceWarp as a complete replacement for its current messaging systems at every laboratory location.

Results: discovered that IceWarp Server combined the low-maintenance requirements of a cloud solution with the security of an on-premise platform. The server was reliable with minimal maintenance, and its flexible feature set allowed for a tremendous return on investment. IceWarp is also scalable and allows to expand without communication bottlenecks.

Currently, maintains over 60 users on IceWarp, utilizing the server’s Microsoft Outlook compatibility along with IceWarp’s proprietary web client. Employees can access their information from any browser and can communicate securely.


According to Mr. Carmitchel, the first IceWarp version provided an almost immediate return. As grew, it opted for the more advanced versions of the software, which extended the ROI cycles to 1-2 years.

To ensure financial predictability, opts for long-term IceWarp contracts, which include free product upgrades and technical support.

“IceWarp offers a better ROI than other programs with similar functionality,” said Carmitchel. “If we used a different platform, we might have encountered serious messaging issues during our expansion.”

Future: is closely following the IceWarp product roadmap, adopting new features as needed to allow for further growth. Carmitchel says that the company is especially interested in the modules that enable workforce mobility while enhancing security.


About IceWarp:


IceWarp is a leading provider of comprehensive messaging solutions for every business class, size and niche. Building upon a decade of enterprise e-mail platforms experience, IceWarp offers organizations an all-in-one highly secure solution that enables their mobile workforce to communicate through any platform, be it e-mail, mobile synchronization, chat, SMS, voice or video. The highly scalable product can easily be used by organizations of all sizes, from SMBs to large corporations, delivering ease of deployment, exceptional reliability and scalability. IceWarp’s solutions are available in over 40 countries through a comprehensive network of distributors.