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At, our goal is to provide fast, comprehensive and affordable data recovery solutions along with an outstanding customer experience. Our highly capable team is redefining the data recovery process by offering faster, more accurate, and technically superior results. When disaster strikes, we’re ready to help. Call us now at 800.237.4200 or click start data recovery to open a ticket.

Trust the data recovery experts. is the professional’s choice. We operate clean-room labs across the US and Canada and employ skilled, experienced engineers. That’s why NASA, the Department of Homeland Security, and more than 90% of the nation’s Fortune 500 companies regularly trust us with their data. gives you the highest probability of a full recovery. We’ve produced tools and methods that are unique to the industry and provide quick and reliable results at an affordable cost.  Choose your medium type above to learn more about your type of data recovery process, or click start data recovery now to get a free quote.

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Since the terror attacks of September 11th, 2001, we’ve learned that it’s possible to recover from even the worst disasters.  On a much smaller scale, data loss can be devastating, but remembering how America recovered in 2001 can be something to keep in mind when you’ve experienced data loss.  Our staff is always available to discuss your situation, answer your questions, and provide support.

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What is Data Recovery?

Data recovery is a professional service in which digital information is recovered from a hard drive, web server, cell phone, or other device.

This process is usually performed in a cleanroom by trained engineers. Damaged devices are temporarily repaired and the data is transferred to a second device (usually an external hard drive or flash drive). When files are deleted, corrupt, or otherwise damaged, engineers will work directly with the data to restore them, using software tools to return access.

What Factors Determine the Cost of Recovery?

There are several factors when determining cost. The main factor is the time required to perform the necessary steps to ensure a safe and effective recovery procedure. Our engineers all have more than 10 years of experience and an excellent track record of successful data recovery. Some additional factors besides labor, include parts, research, specialized equipment and the very high expense of maintaining our state-of-the-art facilities. is one of the only companies with multiple full-service locations, each of which is equipped with ISO 5 clean-room technology. We also perform data recovery services from phone, SSD (chip-off), RAID, and tape.

The main thing to remember when getting a quote, is that with, you always have the option of declining the quote at no cost to you.

What Should I Know When Looking for a Data Recovery Company?

Make sure to look for companies that offer a free evaluation or flat rate. Look for an experienced company that has been around for 10 or more years. Ask about their tools — every hard drive data recovery company should use an ISO 5 cleanroom or equivalent technology to protect your media— and make sure that they’ve worked on similar cases in the past.

The best file recovery companies won’t charge for unrecoverable data. opened in 1998, and we introduced the first no data, no charge policy. We work with major companies and small businesses, and we’re ready to restore your files quickly and safely.

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These guys put the PRO in professionalism.

- Norris C. Warren

I have to tell you that it is a great feeling knowing that if a drive goes bad, there is a place I can now rely on to recover my data.

- Paul Dugo JJ Flash MediaWorks