Customer Feedback has recovered data for thousands of customers, from individual computer users to large companies and government agencies. Below are recent feedback submissions by those customers, including feedback we’ve received from people who had their case completed just days ago.

“From beginning to end the service I received was Excellent. I was contacted/updated during every step of the process and always felt that my satisfaction and the recovery of my data was the #1 goal. Thank You!”


“Justin was outstanding to work with – I really appreciate his creativity and his help in recovering our data.”


“Laura Hunter was amazing. Great attitude, frequent updates. Great Perseverance by DataRecovery. You guys are life savers. You exemplify what great customer service looks and feels like. Nice job to all that assisted in the background.”


“The only comment I have concerns the cost. The recovery was extremely expensive. It has taught me the lesson to back everything up in multiple places frequently so if an external drive dies, it dies.”


“The process was fast and exceptional from beginning to end. Laura was very knowledgeable and assisted throughout and was available whenever we had questions.”


“The representative working on my case was very understanding, thorough, and quick with all of the tasks required. I would recommend not only to co-workers and friends, but also my case worker specifically!”


“I am very happy with the service Datarecovery provided. They worked with me to help lower the cost and was able to recover all of my data. Also kept in touch with me throughout the process.”


“All went better than expected. Thank you.”


“Sticker shock was kinda unpleasant but was pleased with the service and am glad to have my data back. Thanks!!”


“I am very pleased with the recovery that Datarecovery did for me. All of my data was recovered, the process was quick, and I received timely updates throughout. Thanks!”