Customer Feedback has recovered data for thousands of customers, from individual computer users to large companies and government agencies. Below are recent feedback submissions by those customers, including feedback we’ve received from people who had their case completed just days ago.

“I am very pleased with the recovery that Datarecovery did for me. All of my data was recovered, the process was quick, and I received timely updates throughout. Thanks!”


“All data was recovered and communication was very good.”


“Andrew was excellent to work with!”


“The experience with datarecovery was excellent.”


“Fantastic service.”


“Double billed company credit card on the 9th and as of today the 16th still has not been refunded” (note: we refunded the 10th but unfortunately it is still taking several days for it to go all the way through)


“You guys are the BEST Specially LAURA”


“Great service. Thanks!”


“When I lost the information in my hard drive, my world stood still. With three empty external drives available, I had no backup. Information stored (mostly photos and family stuff) was, and is, invaluable to me. After the initial shock, I started my research on data recovery here in Puerto Rico, to no avail. Then I remembered your ad in a computer magazine, and went to your website. Of course, I looked over some other alternatives (including the drive manufacturer) but always came back to My gut feeling was, ?They sound so genuine?. I read your whole webpage like ten times before I wrote my first e-mail. Your online representative, Justin McClelland, was very supportive and assured me from day one that his team would do anything in their hands to help me. He never gave me false hopes; his straight talk was enough to convince me. Today I am very grateful to because you recovered my precious information. I can fairly say that at least 98% of it is back. Unfortunately, some PDF and Excel files appear to be corrupted. But I can live with that. I am hopeful that someday this will also be recovered. The important thing here is that, thanks to God and with your help and excellent service, everything is back to normal. And now I have three backups! You have a very satisfied customer in Puerto Rico. I will be forever indebted. God bless you!!!”


“Excellent work. Their professional way of recovering the data saved us. Thank You. Highly Appreciated.”